Alpaca Sisters offers personalized experiences with Alpacas alongside Animals Assisted Therapy. These animals do not only have exotic appearances but also have great personalities which make every single one of them very unique and special. Located in a beautiful countryside setting just a few minutes out of Leicester, this farm caters to individuals, small and large groups. Alpacas are docile and friendly which helps us to create strong bonds with these animals so that we can understand their personal needs and help them remain happy and healthy species for a long time. We can guarantee that the time you spend here will remain as lasting memories never to be forgotten. So, whether it’s a walk, relaxation time or something more special, Alpaca sisters have the perfect experience for you.


At first sight, the alpaca farm seems like the perfect place to spend your time with family and friends.
Being surrounded with such calm, adorable and friendly animals like alpacas, brings such a special joy and contentment to heart.
The staff are friendly, easy to communicate with and you will get a chance to feed the alpacas and take them on a walk, whilst enjoying the beautiful scenery.
I would definitely recommend paying a visit to the alpaca farm for a once in a lifetime experience!
Haniyeh Aghvami
 Having succeeded in dragging two teenage boys away from their computers, we were a little worried – but there was no need. They both thoroughly enjoyed it and want to go again.
Karolina and Agnes were friendly and welcoming and the delicious Polish snacks and drinks were an added bonus. We all learned a lot about alpacas, but most of all we were just overwhelmed by how friendly and gentle they were. They each have their own personality and even the most timid of children would feel safe with them. We especially loved taking them for a walk and feeding them. Safety is a high priority and toilet and washing facilities were excellent.
I only wish I could have brought one home with me!
Jacky Farnell

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