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1. There are provisions for all forms of spending time with our alpacas, it is not possible to visit us outside the hours of the agreed visits, without prior reservation.

2. Alpacas are calm animals that react by escaping in stressful situations, they are also animals with a kicking reflex, therefore, Dear Guests, we kindly inform you that in the area of ​​"Alpaca Sisters" you must not:

• run, shout, make sudden movements, use the camera's flash, approach animals from behind, introduce other animals (dogs, cats and others)

3. Each meeting in our area begins with an introduction, during which you will learn how to handle animals with respect for their welfare - please follow the rules regarding, in particular, how to stroke alpacas

4. We do not ride alpacas and we do not seat children on alpacas for photos

5. Our Alpacas always have access to the food that is best for them (they have an abundance of grass, hay, special fodder and carrot delicacies), so we kindly ask you not to feed the animals with food brought from home - during visits, we only feed alpacas with the food we have prepared for you.

6. It is strictly forbidden to:

• enter the premises of "Alpaca Sisters" for people under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants,

• smoking tobacco or other substances,

• consumption of alcohol,

• destruction of vegetation,

• littering the area,

• devastation of equipment located on the premises of "Alpaca sisters”

7. Children may stay on the premises of "Alpaca Sisters" only under the supervision of an adult (guardian).

8. School trips, kindergarten trips, organized groups may stay on the premises of "Alpaca Sisters" under the care of at least two adult guardians with the required permissions to care for children during the trips.

9. "Alpaca Sisters" is not responsible for:

• accidents, damages resulting from failure to comply with these regulations,

• lost property of Guests left unattended by them does not correspond to Alpaca Sisters
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